05th August, 2013 – Kent County Councillor. Cllr S Manion email reference cost of New 7.5 T weight restrictions signs & consultation on Ringwould Road Chalk Hill Road, Upper Street and The Rise. Read PDF Document

14th August 2012 – Information posted on the Ringwould with Kingsdown Parish Council Web Site


This map shows the revised proposals for traffic management in Kingsdown following discussions about traffic in the village.  This has been provided for Parish Council comment prior to statutory consultation and will be discussed at the September meeting of the Parish Council. This meeting will start at 7pm and will commence with a public participation session to allow a discussion on the traffic management scheme. All members of the public are welcome,
7pm, in the school hall Learning Opportunities centre, Ringwould, Monday 10th September

14th August 2012  – Proposed Lorry Restriction Sign and revised proposals for traffic management in Kingsdows


Have you seen the proposed Kingsdown TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SCHEME adopted by the Parish Council, posted on their noticeboard outside Del’s Shop? The scheme is based on some excellent work done over a period of several years by a  team of residents who have volunteered to become  co-ordinators of all traffic issues in the village.  By imposing weight restrictions across the centre of Kingsdown, controlled by carefully-located signs, the scheme aims to greatly reduce damage and obstruction caused by LORRIES AND COACHES in Upper Street, The Rise and other vulnerable areas. At one stage, it was suggested that the turning area in Undercliffe Road, used many years ago by buses and lorries, could be re-instated, but KCG has learned that this land is now owned by South Road (Kingsdown) Management Company Ltd and forms part of the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) overseen by the company.

Kent Highways are now under pressure to adopt and schedule implementation of the proposals. In the meantime, members are urged to discuss delivery arrangements with their suppliers whenever large vehicles might be involved. The message to remember when you place an order is THINK LORRY!

In order to log every incident of lorry damage and congestion problems in Kingsdown  we need your help?     Please fill in the form below with any incidents or information that you feel will help our campaign.

Current record of lorry damage and congestion problems in Kingsdown

Update 06/07/11  –  The Meeting of Ringwould with Kingsdown Parish Council held at  at Ringwould Village Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 6th July welcomed public participation, to review and discussion on the proposals for traffic management of HGV’s in Kingsdown which have been prepared by Kent Highways . NB The map and details will be on display from 7pm and are also  available to view now on Kingsdown  village shop noticeboard and Parish Council website

Following our newsletter announcement that a co-ordinator has been found to manage KCG’s traffic project, there was yet another accident in the village involving a lorry and damage to property. This time, it was front-page news in the Mercury (Dec 23 issue). The incident has been logged with the Police and Kent Highways.

East Kent Mercury, 23 Dec 2010

By Beth Robson brobson@thekmgroup.co.uk
East Kent Mercury – 23 Dec 2010

A LORRY carrying 500 refrigerated Christmas turkeys caused chaos when it lodged in anarrow street in Kingsdown.

The accident happened at about 10am on Friday when a driver from Whites Transport Limited, Minster, reversed down Upper Street after dropping off 100 birds to the Black Pig Butchers. The road was blocked for three hours.Witness Philip Evemy said: “It backed into Church Cliff so it could straighten out, but it got stranded with the cab butting the wall by Kingsdown Holiday Park.”Tony Flashman took this picture soon after the Mercury was told. It is thought the driver was trying to negotiate the hairpin bend at Church Cliff.A spokesman from Whites said: “There was no real damage to the truck and nobody was hurt.”Fiona Burman, from Mongeham, was dropping off her daughter at the preschool in Upper Street, shortly before 10am when she first saw the truck.
When she returned at noon it was still there, accompanied by police officers who told her they could not move it.Mr Evemy was the first to alert the Mercury. He said: “There are 500 turkeys stuck in a lorry and the police can’t get it free.”Chris Tsangarides, a music producer and villager, was unable to get to work at his Kingsdown studio.His wife Jane said: “It’s hard enough to get a people carrier around that bend, let alone a truck that size.”Police spokesman Jon Green said: “We helped to clear the area so the lorry could manoeuvre out of the way.”Some damage was done to the brickwork of a house.