Passivhaus The Leas Kingsdown
Erection of Detached Dwelling


Update 9th December 2010 – We have been advised that this application has been withdrawn by the applicant.

Proposed site & location plan

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    If you object, please send your letter by July 23rd, quoting DOV/10/00530 to: 

    Miss Platts 

    Planning Officer
    Dover District Council
    CT16 3PJ 

    Key Points  regarding application

    Building so close to another residential property on The Leas would not be in-keeping with the overall layout and feel of The Leas, as the houses are well spaced and in no way overpower, overlook or over-shadow any other properties. 

    The plans indicate that the proposed property “Passivhaus” would be built very close, and at a much higher ground level to “Pentire House” next door. This would be incredibly invasive to the privacy of their neighbour and would take away considerable sunlight from much of the garden.  The owner of “Pentire House” should not be expected to have their privacy compromised to this extent. 

    Currently there are two applications for building residential properties on The Leas.  If one, or other of these applications is passed, this sets a very dangerous precedent for future applications along The Leas. 

    The footpath directly in front of the houses is known to be one of the few beautiful and unspoilt cliff-top walks in the county.  Further building would certainly destroy the feel of openness. 

    The Leas has 10 properties, all having to share the limited infrastructure.  There is no main drainage or gas.  The various services that have to use the narrow, poorly kept, un-adopted road already have enough trouble fulfilling their waste disposal duties and other duties along The Leas. 

    The plot in question was cleared in a weekend, destroying the habitat of butterflies, wild flowers, badgers, and most importantly with the knowledge that endangered bats were living in the garage.  

    The Leas is an area of outstanding natural beauty, known and respected by both residents and ramblers.  A recent award to the Dover District Council of £1.5million from National Heritage Lottery Fund, expressly to “protect the iconic White Cliffs Landscape” continuing to say that “this (lottery fund) is a wonderful opportunity ……a chance for a range of partners to further support the conservation of our unique landscape and heritage, and to continue to work together to help preserve the amazing chalk downlands for future generations.”