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An appeal has been lodged against Dover District Council’s decision to refuse permission to erect three detached dwellings on this site.

The appeal will be determined by the Planning Inspectorate at 3/15 Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN to whom comments should be directed, quoting reference APP/X2220/12/2185617/NWF.

Comments can also be made online at The closing date for comment is the 20th December 2012. Copies of the application, DDC decision and appeal documents can be inspected at DDC’s offices between 9.00 am and 5.00pm weekdays or on line at
12/00057  – Erection of 3 detached dwellings and construction of vehicular accesses (existing dwelling to be demolished) at Greenleaves, Kingsdown Hill, Kingsdown

Documents submittted online

Minutes of the of  Planning Meeting Ringwould with Kingsdown Parish Council,   13th February 2012, 6.30pm Kingsdown Village Hall.

Ringwould with Kingsdown Parish Council letter to Dover District Council Planning Department, objecting to the application.

Parish Council response to the application  DOV/12/00057 Greenleaves, Kingsdown Road

The proposal is for the erection of 3 detached dwellings & construction of vehicular accesses (existing dwelling to be demolished)

All Councillors had concerns about the proposed development and it was regarded as an unwelcome over development of this site.

Cllr Price felt that recent changes to legislation (PPS3) had been specifically designed to allow District Councils to protect the character of neighbourhoods and prevent the development of garden land and over development and that this was a key point to make in the Parish Council response as it was important not to set a precedent for such developments.

This point together with the following areas of concern were discussed and the Clerk was actioned to prepare and submit the response to Dover District Council and make it available on the Parish Council website  ACTION CLERK

  • 3 houses represents an over development of the land, out of character with the neighbourhood and this density of housing, in such close proximity to each other, is unlikely to delivery the quality housing objective
  • Whilst acknowledging the exclusion, from the application,  of the rear strip of land on the boundary of Hill Crest Road, its inclusion  (albeit within dotted lines) on the site location plan and the associated fencing is of concern and the Parish Council believes is misleading.
  • The front boundary line is also of concern as land registry shows a straight line along Kingsdown Hill but the application shows a front boundary line stepped forward from the neighbouring property.
  • Despite the ecological survey the Parish Council has concerns about the removal of natural habitat and its impact.
  • As well as the proximity of the houses the Parish Council believes that the fencing, 6 foot close boarded, is an urban feature, unsuited to the area and should be replaced by hedging.
  • There is a potential detrimental impact on local services through the addition of 3 houses on this site; the  valley bottom is already subject to flooding in periods of heavy rain and the hard standing proposed  might add to this problem
  • Given the location along Kingsdown Hill,  should Dover District Council be minded to grant permission,  construction vehicles would have a major impact and the Parish Council would wish to see strict controls over delivery and storage of materials.

It was felt that with such significant concerns a site meeting with Planning Officer and Applicants agent was desirable and the Clerk was actioned to make this request to Dover District Council ACTION CLERK

Consider any Parish Council action in relation to the ancillary issues associated with strip of land bordering this application

It was agreed that the most important and immediate step was to alert the Planning Officers to concerns about the historical use of this site which Councillors could not recall ever being used as garden space for the property.  Local residents had already been asked to notify planners of any knowledge they had about the use of the site. Before seeking formal legal advice relating to issues such as adverse possession, it was felt that KALC might be able to offer some assistance. The clerk was asked to see advice from KALC on this matter and arrange a meeting if appropriate