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Update May 2013The “Save Coldblow Woods Campaign”  to have Coldblow Woods area registered as a village green, has now entered the public consultation phase  and letters of representation are invited from members of the public.  Under the Commons Act  the group have to show that a significant number of the residents of the locality (we are using Walmer as the locality) have accessed the land freely, openly and without challenge for a period of 20 years for the pursuit of lawful sports and activities.  This evidence has already been submitted, but the group  now need to show that there is widespread support from the local community.
Kent County Council  would like to hear your views about Coldblow but you must contact them before 10th June 2013.   Details of where and when to write, can be found by following the following link to the KCC notice.

April 18th 2013

Coldblow Woods in Walmer is at risk of being developed.  It is the last strip of woodland amongst ploughed fields, between Walmer (and the railway crossing at Coldblow) and Ringwould.  Runners, walkers, dog walkers, children an

Save Coldblow Woods

d the general public have used the woods and the Old Royal Marines’ Sports Ground for at least the last 30 years, if not generations.  A Village Green Application has been submitted to Kent County Council.  If this application is successful the general public will continue to have access to the woods and the field at Coldblow.  There may be a way forward, then, to protecting the trees and wildlife at Coldblow.

The field next to Coldblow Woods is zoned for 250- 500 new houses.  Our concern is that if houses are built there, that the woods and field area may then be built upon.  In order for the Village Green application to succeed we need more evidence questionnaire forms to be filled out.  We need to show that people have used the woods and field there, without challenge by the land owner, or seeing signs to say they couldn’t, for the last 20 years.

The forms consist of 8 pages in total: 2 pages giving information on how to fill in the questionnaire, 4 pages of questions and 2 maps (1 to put an X where you live, or used to live, and 1 map to show the area covered by the boundaries of Coldblow Woods).

Forms can be downloaded from the Facebook page or Website

If you have used Coldblow Woods, for running, walking, dog walking, taking your children there or other lawful activities, over the last twenty years or more, then please contact Colin.  If you used the area and then moved away you can still fill in forms.  We are most interested in people who live, or have lived in Walmer, as we have to submit forms from one locality.  Some people know of Coldblow Woods as Horseshoe Woods.  Children and other family members can also fill in the forms.  We have to show that a significant number of local people have used the area, for the application to succeed.  If we don’t act now that last strip of woodland may well be lost.  We want to save it, as a protected green recreational space, for the present and future generations.