The Government’s Localism Bill gives local people more of a say in planning decisions where they live.

The recently published Localism Bill promises to be a significant step towards devolving power to local people through neighbourhood plans.

The Campaign to Protect Rural Association (CPRE)  believes getting communities more involved in shaping the future of where they live and work is vital. We are campaigning to ensure the new system will deliver better decisions about the quality of development and when and where it should take place.

As part of this, the CPRE are asking the Government to introduce a limited community right of appeal. This is crucial to ensure that development is in line with the vision set out by local people.

You can find out more in the CPRE  briefings:

> Localism Bill (111KB PDF)
> Community right of appeal (151KB PDF)

Your influence on planning

The CPRE  are one of the nation’s leading voluntary sector organisations engaged in the land use and spatial planning system. There aim to influence planning law, regulations and policy by working with Parliamentarians and the Government, and responding to Government consultations. Local CPRE groups work with county and district councils who make decisions at the local level.

CPRE  Localism bill briefing letter for Parish Councils and Amenity Groups

07/01/11 – Kingsdown Conservation Group letter to Charlie Elphicke MP regarding Localism Bill.

02/02/11 – Charlie Elphicke MP reply to KCG ref Localism Bill.