We invite you join us and help to protect and enhance this unique seaside village. If you live in Kingsdown, you know that it’s a very special place. The village has a unique character, touched by the giants of history like Julius Caesar, Henry the Eighth and the Duke of Wellington, profoundly influenced by the needs of sailing ships anchored in the Downs and nurtured over hundreds of years by the families of fishermen and farmers. Pretty cottages, busy shops and pubs, a school, church and village hall, holidaymakers in the summer, beautiful countryside and a stunning seascape – Kingsdown has them all….and more.   Where else, today, can you enjoy a safe, protected beach with rock pools to explore at low tide, a pub on the beach with inspiring views of the White Cliffs, Channel shipping and the coastline of France, rare flora in a site of special scientific interest  and some truly iconic cliff-top walks? Kingsdown is a rare gem on the English coastline – a very special place to live. Special because of its history and also because, over the years, villagers have looked out for each other, set up local-interest groups and campaigned hard to protect Kingsdown’s unique character. We have much to thank them for. The Kingsdown Conservation Group was established in 2010 to watch over, protect and enhance this inheritance. These are our aims:

  • To stimulate public interest in the history, character and beauty of Kingsdown
  • To act as a forum and co-ordinate the views of Kingsdown residents about issues and concerns affecting the village
  • To encourage the wise conservation, enhancement and improvement of Kingsdown

The Group will pursue these aims by means of meetings, a website, exhibitions, other forms of publicity, social events and projects agreed by members. Please make your voice heard by joining us today _________________________________________________________ Campaigning for the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of the countryside Kingsdown Conservation Group is affiliated to the following organisations: Kwt Col A4 NO BG                            Kent Federation of Amenity Societies [Disclaimer] [Latest News] [Join Us] [Issues and Events]